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Monday, 11 July 2011

Place for Women in the Indian Society...

“May you be the mother of a hundred sons” I’m sure we’ve all heard these words umpteen times in Hindu weddings. In most Indian families, sons are idolized and celebrated while a daughter is viewed as a liability, and she is conditioned to believe that she is inferior and subordinate to men. By law women and men have equal rights. Practically it looks different though.

“You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women”, how rightly Nehruji had quoted. But what is the condition of our nation when we consider women of our country? Of course the immediate thought that comes to our mind is ‘Indira Gandhi’, ‘Kalpana Chawla’, ‘Sunita Williams’ and many more names of such leading ladies who have touched the clouds of success.

I, living in Mumbai, the city that worships modern values, rationalism and equality, have received abundant rights that every female citizen of our nation ought to get. I’ve got loving parents who want to educate me till knowledge permits, who want me to be a successful human being and who don’t care whether I am a girl.

“But that’s not extraordinary! Everyone’s parents love their children dearly.” Alas! I would have said this if I had not read pages full of text which stated about the gender inequality that prevails in India...

…if I wouldn’t have known that in India there are women who couldn’t make their own identity since birth and were forced to feel that they were nothing but a burden for their parents, their husbands and their sons, that there are women whose life was nothing but an excruciating journey. Women in rural areas and also in some urban ones are ill treated by orthodox people who dwell in India.

"In childhood a female must be subject to her father, in youth to her husband, when her lord is dead to her sons; a woman must never be independent." for years this has been the fate of women in India.

In rural areas, the negligence shown to girls and women by their husbands and by elders is the reason for the miserable health of the female populace in our country. Women are not only abandoned but also mistreated. Indian News channels these days are awash with news regarding ‘assault-cases’ and ‘dowry-related murder-cases’ where women are greatly suffering. In the sinister areas of India where male-dominance reigns, women are not given any right to choose their spouse.

Spouse reminds me…If you are wondering as to why about 30 million men won’t be able to find a wife in the near future, let me inform you that it is due to female infanticide. Very often families prefer boys to girls. They think sons are like a sort of insurance that they can bank upon for their future financial security and for continuing the family line. How Pathetic!! What kind of parents these selfish people might be!

In rural areas girls are deprived from education and are overworked. Their childhood either passes in taking care of their siblings or in house-hold work. But people forget that one day these girls become women and later become mothers. Due to illiteracy, women who are responsible for all the house-hold work in villages, remain unaware of personal hygiene. Thus we see more epidemics and diseases in rural areas (and mind you diseases don’t check whether you’re a girl or a boy!).

In spite of all this, the condition of women in the Indian society isn’t that bad. Today women in India walk shoulder to shoulder with men. Women definitely have more grasping power and tolerance than men and are thus progressing rapidly. Today, Indian women have reached the sky and won over many races. The modern Indian woman is the lady who has self-respect and sense of freedom. We women are the pillars of the Indian society. Remember if women in India progress, mother India will progress. Vande Matram!


I gazed out from my window to give my eyes some rest,
And have a look at the sky to the west.

It looked marvelous with an orange tinge that had spread.
It gave a dazzling effect of a hue close to red.

Then my eyes caught the sight of a ball,
Which looked the elegant of all.
It was the sun, ready to part,
And was off to another journey with a heavy heart.
It had become dull of stress and work,
But had to complete its never ceasing work

The sky had become the prettiest I knew,
And I could also see stars, only a few.

The birds hurried to their nest,
To acquire few hours of rest. 

Then I saw the moon peep out from a cloud,
To judge the right time to declare itself aloud.

Meanwhile, the sun traveled continuously till,
I could’ see it no more from my window sill.
A sudden shade of purple pounced upon the sky,
I could see the brightness die.

This was a beautiful moment of happiness and peace,
“Life goes on”, to us it does teach.

The lovely change in the sky rouses the spirit of Life
It’s only at the time of dusk when this spirit does revive.
//*just something I wrote when I was little ;)

Amchi Mumbai...Mumbai inside out!

Amchi Mumbai

Hang on in the Hanging Gardens,
Or have a long drive along the Marine Drive,

The Gateway of India’s most precious city,
Is always open, for both witty and non-witty!
But think twice before you come, 
Mumbai is not less than an addiction!

Here every eye has a dream,
On the other hand Politicians are eating a lot of cream.
Industries are in competitions,
Not backing in this are the Politicians.

Here people know Maths as also ratio and proportion,
Thus balancing rich with poor is their decision.
 You will see many lavish bungalows,
And also the slums where the gutter flows

Enjoy the food at the Five Star Hotel, Taj,
But on road we have the Panipuriwala’s Raj.

Go and visit the Flora Fountains,
Sorry! They’ve dug up all the mountains!
Here digging roads is just like a Hobby,
Be careful you won’t fall in a pit,
In case you are in a hurry!

People do a lot of hard work here
Leave some for the politicians who do nothing all round the year.
For an earning some people also cut wood,
While some sit home and watch films of Bollywood.

Some people express themselves on their Airtel Mobiles,
While some talk on Vodaphone which has a network that lasts miles.

But the Reliance is seen everywhere,
It’s funny when the vegetable vendors pick up their cells and the people stare!

On one hand people have a bubbly experience with Pepsi’s Bubbly Channel
While on the other not even a drop of water comes out of the Tap or ‘Nal’.

Some people show glamour and Fashion’
And some have to still get their 1st English Lessons!
The city is ruled by Tata, Birla and Ambani Groups,
And on the sea the fishermen come out with their troupes.

The brighter face was stated here,
Now a quick word about the darker one……

History, present and future has remained in danger,
With Bombs placed all over by some stranger.
Some took lives in the buses and some in the train,
 These made a large amount of blood go vain.

But the Mumbaikars have shown immense tolerance,
They wiped their blood like tears,
And fought with life and death overcoming their fears.
The precious lives were wasted,
These effects have long-lasted.

It’s high time we come out and do something about all this,
And revolt against these terrorists.

When the rains became the call of death,
When the houses were drowned,
When the cries were the only sound,
Mumbai showed its spirit,
And helped the people who were mentally hit.

It’s a city with many faces,
But is still united.
It teaches one everything,
And also to remain far sighted.

It is not at all fair
To maintain silence and bear.
Let’s join hands looking up proudly
And voicing loudly ‘Amchi Mumbai’.