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Monday, 11 July 2011

Amchi Mumbai...Mumbai inside out!

Amchi Mumbai

Hang on in the Hanging Gardens,
Or have a long drive along the Marine Drive,

The Gateway of India’s most precious city,
Is always open, for both witty and non-witty!
But think twice before you come, 
Mumbai is not less than an addiction!

Here every eye has a dream,
On the other hand Politicians are eating a lot of cream.
Industries are in competitions,
Not backing in this are the Politicians.

Here people know Maths as also ratio and proportion,
Thus balancing rich with poor is their decision.
 You will see many lavish bungalows,
And also the slums where the gutter flows

Enjoy the food at the Five Star Hotel, Taj,
But on road we have the Panipuriwala’s Raj.

Go and visit the Flora Fountains,
Sorry! They’ve dug up all the mountains!
Here digging roads is just like a Hobby,
Be careful you won’t fall in a pit,
In case you are in a hurry!

People do a lot of hard work here
Leave some for the politicians who do nothing all round the year.
For an earning some people also cut wood,
While some sit home and watch films of Bollywood.

Some people express themselves on their Airtel Mobiles,
While some talk on Vodaphone which has a network that lasts miles.

But the Reliance is seen everywhere,
It’s funny when the vegetable vendors pick up their cells and the people stare!

On one hand people have a bubbly experience with Pepsi’s Bubbly Channel
While on the other not even a drop of water comes out of the Tap or ‘Nal’.

Some people show glamour and Fashion’
And some have to still get their 1st English Lessons!
The city is ruled by Tata, Birla and Ambani Groups,
And on the sea the fishermen come out with their troupes.

The brighter face was stated here,
Now a quick word about the darker one……

History, present and future has remained in danger,
With Bombs placed all over by some stranger.
Some took lives in the buses and some in the train,
 These made a large amount of blood go vain.

But the Mumbaikars have shown immense tolerance,
They wiped their blood like tears,
And fought with life and death overcoming their fears.
The precious lives were wasted,
These effects have long-lasted.

It’s high time we come out and do something about all this,
And revolt against these terrorists.

When the rains became the call of death,
When the houses were drowned,
When the cries were the only sound,
Mumbai showed its spirit,
And helped the people who were mentally hit.

It’s a city with many faces,
But is still united.
It teaches one everything,
And also to remain far sighted.

It is not at all fair
To maintain silence and bear.
Let’s join hands looking up proudly
And voicing loudly ‘Amchi Mumbai’.


  1. OMG Shreya,... I remember this poem of yours. Absolutely wonderful!!! Infact I was recently thinking about your poems and was wondering what you did with them. I had asked Santosh Mama for scanned copies of these. I am so glad you are have created a blog for it. Love it.


  2. Good one... :) The best part was that you covered each and every aspect that defines Mumbai as a city...
    Keep it up...!!!! :)