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Monday, 11 July 2011


I gazed out from my window to give my eyes some rest,
And have a look at the sky to the west.

It looked marvelous with an orange tinge that had spread.
It gave a dazzling effect of a hue close to red.

Then my eyes caught the sight of a ball,
Which looked the elegant of all.
It was the sun, ready to part,
And was off to another journey with a heavy heart.
It had become dull of stress and work,
But had to complete its never ceasing work

The sky had become the prettiest I knew,
And I could also see stars, only a few.

The birds hurried to their nest,
To acquire few hours of rest. 

Then I saw the moon peep out from a cloud,
To judge the right time to declare itself aloud.

Meanwhile, the sun traveled continuously till,
I could’ see it no more from my window sill.
A sudden shade of purple pounced upon the sky,
I could see the brightness die.

This was a beautiful moment of happiness and peace,
“Life goes on”, to us it does teach.

The lovely change in the sky rouses the spirit of Life
It’s only at the time of dusk when this spirit does revive.
//*just something I wrote when I was little ;)

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