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Sunday, 14 August 2011

When I chose Science

I thought I was going to learn about Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
What I didn’t know was that things would become beyond fix
Everyone told me it’s gonna be tough,
No one told me the textbook is all bluff!
Where the concepts contradict themselves,
And so do the many books that don’t fit into my bookshelf!

Should I believe line 25 or 26?
Which of the two completely different diagrams will assure nice ticks?
So this answer from textbooks and this from notes,
Studying a single chapter means going through loads.

Each day I feel like fighting a war,
Solving of doubts seems impossible so far!
Why would they give something that is universally wrong?
If you don’t understand, it’s fine. Just mug it like a song.

"Just forget about this part, you will be taught this later."
Then why give it so early? Why on earth did you even bother?
Oh and here I read a line, which practically murders Science.
What can we do? It’s given in the textbook. Bear it with Silence.

So what to mug, And what not to mug is the question!
I figure, it isn’t so bad! Since I love science, it’s still fun!
But the horrid definitions, laws, chemical equations have to be balanced....
I didn’t know it would be so puzzling, when I chose science!!

**// This is the miserable condition of our education system (in maharashtra). We do slog hard, harder than many others...only to find ourselves clueless about the actual concept...I empathise with each and every SSC and HSC board students. :)